A Home By The Sea

Watch the Beautiful Sunrise, Enjoy Magnificent Sunset.

Located on the north of Jakarta, Regatta is one of the unique development in Indoensia with an unbeatable view. Regatta Apartment is built facing the majestic view of Java Sea at the end of Pantai Mutiara. North Jakarta that overlooking a panoramic ocean view that will pamper you with the pleasure of a beautiful sunrise as well as a magnificent sunset everyday along the year.

A World Class Award Winning Design That Will Make You Proud.

Regatta Apartments has an iconic design that is taken from nautical theme with the sail as the core idea, built into a briliant architectural concept and perfectly translated by Atkins – thearchitect of BURJ AL ARAB into a beautiful reality. The clueters of the buildings represent elegant Sailing Yacht departing from the cardinal points of compass, giving rise to its name ‘Regatta’.

REGATTA has become a landmark of Jakarta and has won a prix d’Excellence awarded by the International Real Estate Federatio.

Start From 4 Milliard*

Installment 36 Bulan atau KPA

Hand Over Mei 2018.

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